Richie Sacks is a British fashion label founded in 2018.
The brand fuses traditional tailoring techniques with high-end modern design. 
Richie Sacks’ portfolio is rich with experience from some of the best tailors including Birmingham-based Ahmet Yusuf,  best known for his work for the late Muhammed Ali, and Saville Row’s very own Ozwald Boateng. 
After dropping out of his course in Graphic Design, Richie embarked on a journey of self-discovery and was hired as a sales assistant for one of U.K's biggest suit retailers.

There, he stumbled across 'The London Cut', a book showcasing Saville Row's prestigious tailoring history. 
Inspired, his newfound burning desire for fashion led him to pursue higher education, and Richie attained a number of notable accomplishments, most prestigious of which was the opportunity to showcase his collection at the 2020 Graduate Fashion Week in London.
A unique connection with people, history and culture means that each of Richie's designs highlights the life of the wearer through colour, cut and design, defining and redefining the modern man and woman.